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来自 Joonas Vakkilainen 的回答(芬兰语学士):

My method is "write and **ounce". Writing words on paper leaves a visual memory trail of the words. If you just look words, you may forget them quickly, but writing them makes you concentrate on them more efficiently. Reading words aloud gives you a phonetic memory trail. It creates an echoing sound in my head and that sound I can recall later. When you know words enough, you will understand the principles of word formation in that language. This helps you guess meanings of unfamiliar words, when you read, and create word families in your memory.我的方法是“写+念”。把单词写在纸上能加深这个词的视觉记忆。如果只是看看单词,你可能很快就把它们忘了,但书写能让你更专注。大声朗读单词能加深单词的听觉记忆。这样做在大脑里创造了一个之后也能再次想起的回声。当你的词汇量足够大时,你会懂得该语言的构词法。在读到不熟悉的单词时,它能帮你猜出词义,还能让你记住这一系列单词。

来自 Dan Lenski 的回答:

Every day, I'd try to write down 10-50 words or phrases in French which I didn't understand, or words or phrases in English which I didn't know how to render in French. I'd go home and spend an hour or more looking them up in the dictionary.我每天写10到50个法语新单词或词组,或是我不知道如何用法语翻译的英语单词词组。回家后花1个多小时在字典里查找这些单词。

I'd read newspapers, comic books, textbooks, advertisements, and novels.读新闻、漫画、课本、**和小说。

I'd talk to teachers, fellow students, strangers at the bus stop, store clerks, etc.和老师、同学、车站遇到的陌生人和店员等聊天。

By the way, I rarely watched TV, listened to the radio, watched movies, or listened to music in French... though this might just be a personal thing. I often have great difficulty understanding my native language, English, in recorded form. I still find recorded audio extremely difficult to understand in French, despite the fact that I can carry on largely fluent in-person conversations with native speakers.对了,我很少看法语电影电视,听法语之声或歌曲,当然这可能只是我自己的问题。虽然英语是我的母语,我还是经常觉得要听懂英语录音挺难的。尽管我基本上能够很流利地和母语为法语的人对话,但还是觉得法语录音很难懂。