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How do you improve your conversation skills?


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Here are 7 ways to improve your conversation skills that have helped thousands of people:


1.Maintain good eye contact.


Eye contact helps build and maintain trust. Don’t stare at the person though!


2.Seek to understand.


Try to understand the other person and their viewpoint before responding. This will help you respond more intelligently.


3.Never interrupt.


Even if you know what the other person is going to say, don’t interrupt them. Let them finish their sentence first.


4.Ask open-ended questions.


A good way to keep a conversation going is to ask questions that don’t have a yes or no answer.


5.Be open and honest.


Being honest with people makes conversation flow so much easier, and builds good relationships!


6.Frame your views for the other person.


Try to explain your viewpoint in a way that is inoffensive to the other person.


7.Meet them where they are at.


Short and easy to understand leads to good conversation.


**14.2k好评的回答@James Haforlarin:

Here are some ideas


•When people ask you a simple question, don't respond with the habitual one word.


•When you are in social situations and you are scared of breaking the ice. Take a deep breath. Then say hello or hey there. Those two are the best ice breakers in the world.


•Always ask why. Asking why people make decisions is how you get to know them on an emotional level.


•Ask interesting questions. Ask creative questions such as - what's your story? What's the Craziest thing you have ever done?


•When you feel the awkward silence. Don't panic, just ask another question preferably what brought them there or their favorite type of music.


•When you meet new people, talk about you until you see that they are relaxed with you. Then give them a chance to talk.


•Dig for gold conversations ideas by observing their faces while you talk.


•MoDULatE your tone as you tell your stories. Put life and emotion into your voice.


•Don't droll on about your accomplishments. It will make you look arrogant. They want you to hear about their own accomplishments.


•Don't complain either. Complaining makes you a buzzkill.


•Don't ever argue. I don't mean you should agree with everything, just state your opinions and leave it at that.


•Be updated on the latest topics you discuss with your friends.


•Spy on your conversation partner with the Interne. Spy on them with Google, check their social media pages. See what common things comes up. Those will give you ideas on what they'll like to talk about.



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